About Our founder...Gabriela De Coss

Language Arts Academy was founded about 18 years ago and it has only been growing from there;

However, I have been passionate about education and teaching for more than 25 years.

Having a child of my own, I wanted my child to experience different forms of education: in language,

arts,and music. The most inconvenient part of it all was that all the different classes and programs

were at different schools and locations. This was a barrier and setback to my child’s extracurricular

learning as well as my own pocket. I wanted to change that not for the idea of starting a business,

but simply having a location convenient for children and adults to learn what they have always wanted; not wasting anymore time and money. Everything is in one location. On the other hand, some do not have the time or ability to attend a class due to lack of transportation, caring for children, etc. with that, we wanted to make it convenient for them as well by providing home/office schooling.

I have always been passionate about education. Education is the key to knowledge,success, life, happiness, everything!

Regarding education, do not wait until the last minute to enroll yourself in a class. We encourage everyone to register in the classes/programs to stimulate the brain and encourage everyone to keep learning and have a great time. Waiting until a child is failing a class to register them for a class only discourages the child from wanting to learn the subject. Try out the

different classes and programs to see what is interesting and fun to add to one’s skills, hobbies, and knowledge.

Our company is unique due to the services we provide; we tend to the needs of our clients/students. We have all the options/programs provided at the learning center and furthermore, provide homeschooling to students and adults to make it more convenient for them.

In addition, we employ experienced, professional, and certified teachers. The teachers are knowledgeable and well rounded, in that they are able to teach more than one subject or program which make our teachers very important assets to the company and wonderful for our clients

 Viviana Gil

Ms. Viviana moved to Texas 2 years ago

from her native Colombia.

She holds a degree in Early Childhood

education and worked in her native

country more than 8 years in the field.
During her career, she served as a teacher and administrator and she brings all this experience when teaching Spanish to children and adults.

Her knowledge and passion for the Spanish language make it easy for her to incorporate dynamic activities and culture into her lessons.

She lives in the area and has worked in other pre-schools as a Spanish teacher as well.

Her experience make it easy for the children to understand the Spanish concepts, she likes to use hands-on activities and interactive games to engage children and make the learning environment fun and exciting.




Karen Yunez

Karen was born in Mexico, with an early  education Teaching Degree and

a Master's degree in psychology and


She started Teaching in 2006 at Primary

Schools in Mexico
She has experience working in different Spanish-speaking countries. She moved to the United States 5 years ago and she took her Spanish Teaching Certification to teach preschool aged children. 

She is creative and enjoys teaching children, the students love her!

 Rosalinda Bustamante

Miss Rosy is from Nuevo León, Mexico. she moved here a few years ago and brought with her more than 10 years of teaching experience to help small and school age children.

She has being teaching Spanish and tutoring children since 2015 here in Texas.

All the children love Rosy, they call her "abuela" (grandma) for her loving and caring manner to be with them.

Spanish Teacher -Laura

Laura was born in Colombia with a native Spanish speaking parents who enforce the Spanish language learning since she was a baby.

She started Teaching in 2015 at Preschools and Tutoring subjects

She has a teaching Certification from Colombia

She is young, playful and creative ways to teach, Little ones enjoy having her as a teacher.

Spanish Teacher - Lizbeth Rodriguez

Miss Lizy was born in Cuba.

She moved here a few years ago and brought with her more than 15 years of teaching experience to help small and school age children.

She has being teaching Spanish and tutoring children since 2010 here in Texas.

Spanish Teacher - Monica Elrich

Monica is from Mexico and has lived in the United States since 1992. She has 20 years of experience in instructing and tutoring Spanish

including  group and individual settings, Preschool trough High School and Adults who want to improve their Conversational Skills.

Monica has tutored High School students seeking the International Baccalaureate Diploma with emphasis in Spanish language

acquisition and students in AP Spanish.

ESL & Spanish Teacher - Edna Perez

Edna  has a BS Degree from the University of Akron and an MBA

from the University of Utah. He has taught for 4 different colleges

and universities  in the United States.   She is currently on the staff of Lone Star College as a certified Adjunct Professor where he teaches various business and management courses.  He has had a long career in business and public service in management positions.

ESL Teacher- Cherrell Mike

My name is Cherrell L. Mike. 


I am a graduate of Sam Houston State University. I am currently hold a Master's in Education. I am currently employed as both an adjunct professor at Sam Houston State University and an English tutor for Lone Star Community College. I have experiences working with children during my tenure as teaching assistant for a local school district. I have experience working with adults and children from various cultural backgrounds from studying abroad in South Korea and in college and from the variety of jobs that I have and continue to work. 


French Teacher - Denise McCage

Bonjour!  My name is Madame McCage, and I am excited to be the French teacher here at Language Arts Academy.

I graduated with a B.A. in French from SHSU, (Sam Houston State University)

and have done master's degree classes at UT (University of Texas)

and IU (Indiana University).

I have taught French at Klein ISD for 15 years.  I am a mother of 3 sons and 3 daughters.  My loves include: children, movies, and anything French! 

French Teacher - Helena Seiler

Bonjour!  Mrs. Seiler has a vast educational background;

Thanks to her husband job, she had the opportunity to leave in other countries and learn their language and culture.

I has been  teaching French, Spanish and English to children and adults since 2008 .  

Mandarin Teacher - Hanna Fang

Hannah Fang graduated from Shanghai Jiao

Tong University with a Master Degree.

She obtained her Chinese teacher training

via Startalk program at University of

Houston.  She has been teaching Chinese

to 1-6 graders since 2005 at The Woodlands

Chinese School. She prefers task based teaching methods to motive her students. She loves reading, games, travel and outdoor adventures.


Violin & Piano - Page Bubry

Music background


Tutoring- Reading & Writing,  Math & Art
Katie Wolfe

Having taught at The Woodlands Art  League and The Woodlands Children's Museum in the past,

I enjoy leading classes that focus on the

fun of learning. My students have a blast exploring culture, history, and art materials in an environment that foster creative problem-solving skills through collaborative and self-directed assignments. 

Art, English & Math Teacher - Rob Ayotte

Hello, my name is Rob Ayotte. I’ve been a freelance illustrator since graduating from Minneapolis College of Art and

Design in 2006. I mainly illustrate comic book oriented subject matter with a lean towards realism. I’ve found this as an

advantage to working with children because it is a subject of interest we generally share. Kids and art are basically my whole life.

Aside from a consistent dedication to my art, I’ve also had the privilege of working with children for about the past ten years. Whether it’s tutoring, being a substitute teacher or mentoring a child in the Big Brothers and Sisters program, kids have been a big part of what I do. I don’t find working with children necessarily difficult because I’ve rarely found anything that is so inherently worthwhile. Kids deserve the best I can offer and my life is pretty great because of them.

Reading & Writing -  Hesta Conway

Mrs. Coway has a vast educational

background; she is retired from 

Klein ISD where she taught for over 45 years.

She knows all the tricks and methods to help any student succeed in their educational goals. She can teach reading and writing any level and grade, essay writing and SAT prep.


Tutoring- Reading & Writing &  Math 
Leyanis Rodriguez

With a vast tutoring experience and background en elementary and middle school education, Miss Leyanis also holds a teaching certification degree.

Tutoring- Art
Alpona Barooh

With a vast tutoring experience and background en elementary and middle school education, Miss Leyanis also holds a teaching certification degree.




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